Sunday, March 6, 2011

Isn't the world wide web/internet great.....................

Through my ongoing research, I've found  a document entitled "Statement to New York City Council Committee on Fire and Criminal Justice Services, Committee on Finance......."  submitted by Dora Schriro, Commissioner,  NYC Department of Correction, dated June 1, 2010. A cursory review does not indiate any mention of Hart Island whatsoever, i.e., costs of upkeep, etc.  Why is that?  Isn't Hart Island under their jurisdiction?  Shouldn't it be included in annual budgetary-type report(s)?  Again, just askin'.  Will review in further detail and see what it doesn't say.  
Note:  when it was known the DOC gave me and other city officials inaccurate info as to the finding of my brother's remains, Commissioner Schriro was contacted - her response was neither sufficient nor was it explanatory as to what happened and what was going to be done; the internal investigation, if they actually had one, didn't yield any satisfactory conclusion, at least not  for me and I'm guessing not for anyone else for that matter.  Gee, you'd think she would have at least personally apologized, right?   Wrong!