Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now...............what's the hang-up?

Still haven't heard from NY City Council - man they've no idea what a force I'll be to reckon with when I get through to them, and trust me I will.  A force much greater than all of us propels me, and that's the spirit of my brother, John, not to mention the thousands of others.  Don't mess with the Turner family.

So what's the reason now for not responding to my numerous requests? Hurricane Irene, the recent earthquake?  Last month, I suppose it was the potholes, or the weeds that may be growing within the cracks of the sidewalks?  Oh, I know, maybe it's just that you have a bunch of heartless, cold and unfeeling people on City Council who don't think the issues of a woman in Southern California concerning New York and how they treated the death of  her (my) brother so long ago aren't important enough to warrant an acknowledgement. One morning, while you're sipping your latte and reading the paper, you will see your name(s) and believe me, it won't be mentioned in a good light.  Remember that scene at the end of Poltergeist when Jo Beth Williams' character fell in the pool they were building and all the corpses popped up?  Well, beware of the spirits of the dead - they have their ways of getting what they want and need and pop up at the most unexpected times. In this case, these spirits will be going through me, and I will continue on their behalf, including my brother's, so that they may finally & completely rest in peace............before they die once more.  I'm not rich, I've little resources at the moment, but what I do have is passion for my mission.  And, never underestimate the passion of a Hungarian woman. Tenacity, persistence and just being a plain ol' pain in the ass can take a person a long way. Bye for now.