Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where do I/we start?

Okay, I've just posted a "comment" when I should have "posted" - oh well, I'm still learning how this all works.  I'm so computer literate - LOL.  Well, my "comment" actually says quite a bit but I will say one more thing for the evening - there is absolutely no reason on this earth that Hart Island cannot be restored, beautified and transformed into a place of respect and peace.  Money, money, money - the biggest excuse NOT to do anything. BUT, I ask you this - did not everything in this great big world we live in begin with an idea?  When someone, or some persons, thought of the idea of building the Brooklyn Bridge, I can assure you their first thought after that was "where will we get the money".  Bottom-line: everything began with an idea, a desire and a passion.  The money will come later.  Bye for now.

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