Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is it possible................

.............that New Yorkers really know nothing about Hart Island?  Is that possible?  How's that possible?  How is it that folks might not know about this grand, tragic and historic place?  It's beyond me but I suppose it's possible. Well, if there's anyone who might be able to shed some light, not only for the people who live in New York, but for those in other parts who may happen upon this blog,  it's me.  You will learn as I learn and that's what it's all about - living, learning, doing and accomplishing.  Gosh, that would be so wonderful if my little blog could be noticed by more than one person and actually reach some folks who just might agree with me.............or offer up a few Million to start the ball rolling.  Hey, you gotta dream big! Bye for now.

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