Saturday, March 20, 2010

"And the show must go on"

With the recent information I've received about John - that his remains will not be found - my mission to bring more attention to the Island has become more urgent for me than ever.  He is there on the Island, he will never come home, and he deserves to have peace in his final resting place.  Everyone does! I was talking with a friend last night and we both just repeat the same words -  that it boggles the mind that nearly
1 Million bodies have been buried on the Island so nearly 1 Million souls are wandering - give or take a few thousand - and the fact that nothing has ever been done to make this sacred place more respectful is beyond comprehension, really!  I'm no one special, I am not famous, I haven't any money, and who the hell do I think I am?  Like so many, I haven't always known who I was but...............I'm learning. You know, it's very expensive to have a decent burial in this day and age - funeral ceremony, permit, burial plot, casket, headstone, to name the basics.  The cost?  Anywhere from $5000-$7000.  Do you have that kind of money just lying around in the event a loved one passes - I don't.  My point is this:  City Cemeteries are very important and necessary - you may be buried in one some day - and the fact we're talking about a City Cemetery -  in this case, Potter's Field, Hart Island - does not negate the fact these final resting "homes" should be, and must be, a place where peace may be found not only for those laid to rest, but for the families and friends of those who, hopefully, have gone on to another, if not better, land.  So why hasn't anything been done for Hart Island?  I've no idea how other cities handle their City Cemeteries, or in what condition they are in; trust me, if I had money, I'd travel and check 'em out.  My primary focus, however, is Hart Island, where my brother is;  where thousands of sons, daughters, fathers, mothers..............and brothers have been laid.  I plan on visiting the Island in the next couple of months, not only to see for myself but more importantly, to let John know I have not forgotten him, nor will I...............ever.  The journey will continue.

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