Saturday, April 3, 2010

One Monument for all..................

stands 30-foot tall on the Island.  Erected in 1948, inmates appealed to the Warden and, along with custodial staff, built the memorial monument for the "unbefriended dead".  And, so it would seem convicted & incarcerated men had more respect for the dead than those men who were free. The monument is located in the center of the burial ground, on one side engraved a cross and, on the other, the word "Peace".   My personal thanks to all the inmates and staff members who fought for this very simple yet respectful "headstone" for all. And this is it!  As far as I've learned, this monument is the one & only tribute given to all those buried on the Island and the one & only symbol that this Island ultimately belongs to the dead.  Amazing and ........shameful!

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