Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Traveling a different path ..............to reach a common goal...

To those who have asked, I am familiar with The Hart Island Project, Melinda Hunt and all that she has done and continues to do to assist families locate family members through records.  My interest is, however, more focused on the Island itself and what can and must be done to restore and preserve this historical place that is now the final home for thousands and thousands.............. and thousands.  I never knew anything about Hart Island but the more I learn, the more I'm appalled at the lack of care the Island receives, given its history, but more importantly because it is and always will be a cemetery and final resting place.  At the same time, I'm amazed at how much beauty there really exists on the Island - buildings that have been there for decades, even a Chapel - how apropos - to name a few. Something is just not right about the disrespect the Island is given, not to mention that access to all who might want to visit and pay respects, other than having to prove you have family buried there, is impossible.  What about journalists, photographers, writers, etc., who are not allowed access? What is the DOC hiding?  So, I'd like to know why this  New York history is being thrown away and ignored?  And many New Yorkers should be asking the same question.  The fact my brother will never return to his real home, and that he must remain on the Island for all eternity, is the impetus and inspiration for me to do what I can do to help bring dignity and respect to all who now call Hart Island their [final] "home". And while this has been an extremely personal journey for me, I am determined not to allow it to be for naught.  I started this journey for my brother, and whether he is found or not, I intend to continue the journey , not only for him but for all the other souls buried along with him.  I hope whoever visits this Blog will read all the postings and get a better idea of where I'm going and what I am trying to do.  In whatever form or manner, we are many with a common goal.  This is my mission.

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