Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year, New Hopes..........

It's been quite some time since my last posting but my journey still continues.  I wrote what I thought was  a wonderful spiritual story about faith, John, and what happens when we believe but, alas, didn't receive any acknowledgement for it.  I've jumped back on my wagon and am, once again, doing my thing to get some recognition and respect for Hart Island and all its inhabitants.  Next up:  letter to Mayor Bloomberg.  Hell, he's got enough money, why can't he begin private funding for the Island's restoration and beautification?  Does everything have to involve red tape & bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo?  Can't someone just do the right thing? Or, at least, begin?

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  1. Hello Julie, I wonder if the DOC gave up the rights to the island and thereby the prisoners visits would no longer be a security question then perhaps some Historic Assoc. or even an Historic Assoc just for Hart Island could be developed accessing Govt or local Govt money and donations making the Historical Assoc of Hart Island a charitable organisation then surely it would allow relatives access as well as the general public, but the Historical Assoc. of Hart Island could either charge for a ferry across to the Island or once the general public land on Island in order to help the upkeep up the island. Just a thought, because as long as the DOC has the rights to the island I cannot see any development in a positive way in the near future. What do you think. Martha Stewart. Scotland