Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did you know..............

there is another "Heart" Island in NY?  I didn't.  Through my research about my "Hart" Island, I found there exists another, of course, not to be confused.....................Heart Island, on which stands the famously known tourist attraction Boldt Castle, is "one of the 1,793 islands found in the Saint Lawrence River which forms part of the U.S.- Canada border".   Blah, blah, blah.  It was abandoned by its extremely rich owner, George Charles Boldt, shortly after the death of his beloved wife (1904), for whom he had built the castle in the first place.  Until 1977, when it was "gifted" to the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, it had lain barren and left to rot like so many other fabulous historical landmarks - can we all say Hart Island?  Fortunately for this beautiful "home", it was lovingly restored, although many rooms were left "unfinished" to give the full effect of how it looked before restoration began.  Point?  Why can't Hart Island have a new owner, a caregiver that would do just that - give care - and see the beauty, potential and historical value and begin to do something about it?  Why does the Department of Corrections even continue to have control?  They aren't really doing anything with Hart Island except giving low level inmates of Ryker's Island the task of burying and disinterring bodies that no one, other than family and friends, care about.   Don't get me wrong, the inmates perform a very important task, and they can still continue to do so til the end of time or they run out of inmates - whichever occurs first - but the New York City Department of Corrections should not have jurisdiction over something so important when they're not doing what they can to turn Hart Island into the place it is - hallowed ground and final resting place for so many...........including my brother!  Seriously, why can't these inmates be put to better and more use - start fixing some buildings, planting more flowers, building some monuments, adding some prayer/meditation benches, add some fountains?  And why the hell isn't something being done to allow family, friends, or just your general public who may be interested in visiting, easier access?  I'm just askin'.  And, how come more people aren't asking the same questions?

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  1. I could not agree with you more Julie. I really think something should be done about Hart Island for the sake of the people whose last resting place it is and also for the people whose loved ones lie there in eternity, and should be done not before anymore deterioration occurs on the island.

    This other Heart Island should be used as a beautiful example and bench mark for Hart Island NY. The Heart Island story could be an example of how an island should be looked after,especially one with as much history as Hart island. It is no better than a penal colony at present with all the 'prisoners' deceased.

    Why do we not start a petition ... you have probably done this already but lets take it all the way to the top this time.

    Until accesss is available to everybody with a loved one on the island/and or anyone with an interest in the history and upkeep of the island without going through all the needless red tape, then the island will continue to deteriorate and rot which ultimatley is an absolute disgrace and shows no respect for the people whose last resting place this is.

    I remember visiting the islands in Toronto and marvelled at how wonderful it was to escape the madness of the city to come and rest up and enjoy the peace of the islands there. Why cannot New Yorkers have the same facility in the shape of Hart Island. It would bring it back to life. Take care Julie and if there is any help I can offer over here in Scotland please let me know.

    Martha Stewart