Saturday, August 13, 2011

The fly you cannot swat away....................

Well, you guessed it.  Haven't heard from the NYC Council - what a surprise, huh?  Below is my latest.

Council Member Crowley:

Is there a reason why I am not, at the very least, being given the courtesy of some type of response from either you or Jim Oddo? I can appreciate that I am not a member of your community but I am seeking justice for my brother...... who was. His dreams of living in New York City were never fully realized, and no doubt he never thought that's where he would die. But die he did and I want some answers as to why I, and other city officials, were given false information as to his whereabouts on Hart Island when I attempted to recover his remains. And I want to know why no one is being held accountable?

What is the big secret going on with Hart Island? Is there some nefarious business going on with the Department of Corrections/Hart Island that no one wants to touch? What IS really going on out there?

Wouldn’t it be easier to work with me rather than against (by ignoring me)? No doubt I’ll be in touch with you again.


Julie S. Lantz

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