Friday, October 28, 2011

You CAN fight City Hall...............

Well, the Oversight Hearing of the Committee for Fire and Criminal Justice Services has probably wrapped up their meeting today, 10/28.  So, so disappointed I was unable to attend since it happened as a result of my being persistent w/City Council over the past year - somewhat of a "win" and unable to celebrate.  I should be happy I was able to get this far but..........not having the financial resources, the support and voice is truly frustrating.  Well, I do have my written words so...........Ms. Melinda Hunt had absolutely nothing to do with the scheduling of this meeting - I'm putting that fact out into the Universe - and she is NOT the only one. Does she honestly think the Hearing just all of a sudden got scheduled, or she did something to cause it? I guess so.....but she did not!  Is it wrong for me to want a little recognition for my efforts?  Is it wrong for me to want some media attention for the Island?  Is it wrong for me to want support, financial and otherwise, for the Island?  Is it wrong for me to want personal support for what I'm trying to do?  I guess I appear like a "hater" - And? So?  Bye now.

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